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Dr. Sreelima Poonthottam and Dr. Mridul Poonthottam are the founders of Ayushpathy Ayurvedasram.

Dr. Mridul belongs to ‘Poonthottam Mana’, which has a long and legendary history and reputation in dance, literature, painting and folk arts. The talent of late has sprouted in the direction of Ayurveda. The Mana is located in killikkurussimangalam (Lakkidi) of Palakkad District, famous as the birth place of Kunjan Nambiar and Mani Madhava Chakyar.

Dr.P.M.S Raveendranath

Dr.P.M.S Raveendranath

Mridul’s grandfather is late Sri. Poonthottathu Manakkal Sankara Narayanan Namboothiri, a well known teacher of Sanskrit, scholar and author. His father Sri. P.M.S Chandramohan has maintained and enhanced the reputation Sanskrit Scholarship. He is a polyglot and handles well several languages including Kannada. He has authored several Malayalam books dealing with Sanskrit, Tantra, Yoga etc. Translation of many books to English and Malayalam from different languages has also fascinated him.

Mridul’s mother Smt. Ushadevi, daughter of late Neelakandan Namboothiripad and ┬áSubhadra Antharjanam. She is a graduate in Malayalam and belongs to Eakkad Mana, a famous Tantrik family near Pattambi. She was instrumental in developing in the boy an appreciation for Sanskrit and Music from the tender age. His grandfather was the teacher for Sanskrit while Mrs. Lissy initiated him to Music. Sri. Vellinezhi Subrahmanyam gave him subsequent footings in the art.

The boy grew up in an atmosphere of experimentation and growth of Ayurveda in its present day incarnation at Poonthottam Ayurvedasram at Karimpuzha which interested him greatly. This Asram was founded in 1989 by his uncle and guru Dr. P.M.S Raveendranath (an outstanding disciple of Vaidyamadham Valiya Narayanan Nambootiri). Mridul was witnessing the results of Ayurvedic treatment at the Asram and exhibited a keen desire to join the experiment learning basic principles of Ayurveda on his own and decided to pursue his passion by acquiring a proper medical qualification subsequently by professional studies.

It began in the year 2004 when he joined the Ayurvedic College at Koppa in Karnataka. Subsequent to Medical graduation in 2009, he started his clinical practice under Dr. P.M.S Raveendranath in Poonthottam Ayurvedasram. It lead to a proficiency in general practice and special skills in performing all Panchakarma treatments. His dedication and determination enabled him to build a strong foundation in Ayurveda.


By 2010 July he moved to Ullannoor Mana for acquiring skills in Visha Vaidyam(Toxicology) which interested him very much from the famous Vimala Antharjanam, renowned in Toxicology in Ayurveda and also to learn Ashtanga Hridayam in detail from her son Bhrahmadattan Namboothiri. He had the fortune to be a part of the Gurukula Sampradaayam prevailing in the Mana, where the disciple stays with the teachers and learns from Gurus.

In 2011 he moved to Sunetri Ayurvedasram , Trissur to obtain more knowledge in ophthalmology(Netra chikitsa) in Ayurveda under Dr. Prasad, Principal, Ashtangam Ayurveda Vidya Peedam, Vavannur and his wife Dr. Sheniya. Mridul was a Resident Medical Officer there for 1 year.

The path to the present

In 2012 he came back to Poonthottam Ayurvedasram and to work as assistant physician. In 2014 July he got married to Dr. Sreelima, his colleague in the Asram, working there as an assistant physician. And in 2014 May both of them completed their Post graduation diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

Dr. Sreelima belongs to Puthalath family and she is the daughter of Smt. Pushpa and Sri. Raveendran. She had studied at the Ayurvedic college Koppa, in Karnataka, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. On graduation, she had joined Poonthottam Ayurvedasram in 2012 as an internee and on acquiring the basic experience, and had soon started practice as assistant physician there.

An intense desire to develop a centre for Ayurvedic treatment and procedures to improve and sustain the tradition of Poonthottam Mana, greatly influenced by the methods and practices of their guide and guru Dr. P.M.S Raveendranath, had brought the two young Doctors together which resulted in due course at the establishment of Ayushpathy Ayurvedasram and Yoga Centre at Muttil, Wayanad. Ayurveda being a people centric activity, much depends upon the feedback and directions of research that could be carried out. An early start has given the couple a good opportunity to formulate and practice a holistic approach in applications of Ayurveda in the Village.

Dr Mridul Poonthottam. BAMS, PGD (Yoga)

Dr Mridul Poonthottam. BAMS, PGD (Yoga)

Dr Sreelima Poonthottam. BAMS, PGD (Yoga)

Dr Sreelima Poonthottam. BAMS, PGD (Yoga)