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Here at Ayushpathy, qualified doctors do all the treatments. There is a strong infusion of spiritual thought and energies in the physical treatment through the practitioners’ chanting of mantras in relationship to activating the chakras. Treatment may happen in the morning, evening, or both, depending upon the intensity of the disease. All our formulations  are made from natural, herbal and medicinal ingredients. Some of the  herbs used are grown on the property. We do many kinds of treatments including  Pancakarma( Sodhana or detoxification), Abhyanga, Tailadhaara, Zirodhaara, Dhaanyaamladhaara, Navaradhaara, Patrapindasveda, Cuurnapindasveda,  etc.
We also do special treatments for the eyes like tarpanam, Putapaakam, Sekam, Aschyotanam, Anjanam,  etc.

Post Treatment

To reinforce the benefits of the treatments and to increase  the healing process, it is important that the guests can relax post-treatment in an atmosphere of peace and calm. If the facility has rooms available, one can rest and relax for whatever number of days are needed and the charges would be half of the amount charged with treatment. If the facility has no vacancy , then the patient will be referred to other centres.
Patients should follow the diet, take the medicines internally as prescribed, apply the 0il, avoid strenuous activities and follow what is advised by the physician.
_ At the time of  discharge, the doctors will advise further medications and give  dietary guidance.
_ Feel free to give constructive feedback to the doctors; It  is always welcome.


Patients can come for a follow-up consultation after a month, or contact us through email or telephone with information regarding present health status and changes after treatment. It will be a pleasure to respond to your queries at any time.

Trial Sessions

We give the opportunity to patients to try out a few sessions to come to an understanding of the method and quality of treatments. We want all to feel the effectiveness of genuine Ayurvedic treatments and to come forward for some trial sessions.
Patients who are satisfied with the trial treatment are welcome to book one of our longer packages.