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Ayurvedasram and Yoga Centre
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Essential things you must know


The food served will be a vegetarian diet which is especially designed to improve your digestive system so that it accelerates the healing process. Diet will be adjusted by your doctor to suit your body’s needs and diagnosis. There will be a general  diet which is given to everyone but if the patient requires specific food  for his condition, that will be given. For example, In the case of  diabetes, wheat or raggi will be given, yoghurt will be  avoided,  etc. You  will be informed by the doctor  the  day before  treatment what specific diet patterns are needed for certain treatments, like Snehapaana, Vomiting therapy, enema, etc., if prescribed

Breakfast will be south Indian dishes like Dosha, iddli, puttu etc. Rice and side dishes for lunch, Chapathi, rice and side dishes for dinner. Either the patient can take their food in the dining hall or, if he wishes, it  can be served in the room also. Herbal tea is served in the evening. Normal tea or coffee is not advised.
Medicated water and plain water are supplied to the rooms. Hot water is supplied for drinking. Tap water should not used for drinking

Things Supplied

We Provide all the essential toiletries like Shower towels, Ayurvedic tooth powder, Tooth paste, Natural shampoo, bed linen, blankets, incense sticks, matches, candles, green gram powder for bathing, toilet paper and tissues.

All other personal items you need bring  with you

Climate and Clothing
There is no strict dress code in the asram. You can bring sweaters along with you. A guide to the seasons with regard to clothing is as follows:
Winter: December to February (Cold)
Temperature: 10 to 22 degree Celsius
Clothing: woollen
Spring: March to May (Warm)
Temperature: 24 to 34 degree Celsius
Clothing: Light cottons
Monsoon: June to September
Temperature: 16 to 27 degree Celsius
Clothing: Light woollen
Autumn: October to November (Warm)
Temperature: 16 to 24 degree Celsius
Clothing: Light Woollen


We have a telephone facility so that guests can make both national and international calls. The  charge for these calls   will be added to your  total bill.  Patients can call to this number on the website for  bookings, medicines supply and for other enquiries.

Power Supply

We are located in a remote village, the monsoon is very strong here and the power supply can be erratic. We restore the power supply through an alternate facility with an inverter. We appreciate your understanding and patience for issues which are not entirely in our control.


We have a few ayurvedic and yoga books in our library. Guests interested in Ayurveda and Yoga can borrow these books from the library. Please feel free to donate books to the library which you have already read at the time of leaving the asram. It will be a great support for the instituition.

A day in Ayushpathy

You will be supplied with a herbal tea in the morning if you like. Treatments will be  either in the morning or in the evening or both. Treatment will take around 45 minutes to 1 and half hours. There will not be treatments for ladies at the time of menstrual cycle. Also there will be yoga classes either in the morning or in the evening which will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour. There will be some classes regarding ayurveda in the leisure time. Evening you can go for a walk in and around the grounds through the beautiful paddy fields. Also there will be chanting in the evening after that.

Medicines in Ayushpathy

For many years we have been using medicines of highest quality from  Poonthottam Ayurvedasram, Kulakkad.Some of the other medicines will be prepared here at Ayushpathy.